to achieve gender equality

February 2023

A fresh approach to serving the workforce
is the virtual office closer than we think?

January 2023

high time for a mindshift...
2022 was record-breaking in a new way

December 2022

(Not yet! But...)

November 2022

A new home for my newsletter and new inspiration to shape the Future of Work!
Happy Wednesday, Future of Work readers, you're halfway through the week! Today's inspiration came from my recent in-company keynotes, where I spoke…

October 2022

Hi dear readers, I hope your day is going well!I just returned from Unleash World in Paris and it was wonderful to be back. Also a bit overwhelming…
Hi, Future of Work friends! It's October and that means it's time for an update on HR Tech Funding. And the Q3 results are really something! September…

September 2022

Hi dear reader, I hope your first weeks back after the summer are going well! Just before I took a break, I asked which topics you'd like me to write…

August 2022

Hi, I just returned from a vacation trip to New York and Toronto, which provided the inspiration for this newsletter. I hope you were able to take some…